Privacy Policy

What data do you collect?
We only collect issued invoices, processed transactions, generated onchain address, username, password protected by MD5 algorithm and user profile.

Why are you collecting this data?
The information is necessary for the operation of the wallet, i.e. to know your account balance and transaction history.

How do we protect your information?
We make every effort to keep any information you share safe. Passwords are secured by a hashing algorithm and all data is regularly backed up.

Do you disclose this information to third parties?
We consider all information related to your finances to be strictly confidential and we do not and will not share it with anyone. We only share the information listed in your user profile (account description and photo) and only to the potential payer so that they have an idea of who they are sending Satoshi to. If you do not wish to share this information, please do not include it.